[Blues-l] [administrativia] - apology for delayed messsages

Rich Kulawiec rsk@gsp.org
Thu Jun 16 04:42:52 EDT 2022

A couple of recent messages from John Detcheverry were stashed in a queue
instead of being delivered because I made a mistake on June 5th while
doing a configuration update.  They've gone out now.  (Why just John's
messages?  An obscure technical reason that you probably don't want me
to explain.)

I've put in place a check that will stock me (and anyone else working
on Mailman here) from making that mistake again.  One I have enough
coffee, I'll put in place a second check that will alert us if somehow
we find a new and interesting way to screw it up despite the first check.

My apologies to John and everyone else for the delay.


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