[Blues-l] Foghat lyric reference to Bluebird Records?

Rich Kulawiec rsk@gsp.org
Fri Dec 17 11:21:06 EST 2021

I'm trying to figure out if there's a connection between the lyrics
of Foghat's "What a Shame" (1973) and Bluebird Records -- which had
a sizable roster of Chicago blues artists back in the day.

I've always wondered what this pre-chorus lyric meant:

	Ain't it a shame
	Ain't it a pity
	The bluebird's gone from the Windy City

The second verse of the song is this:

	Good music on the radio
	A whole lotta people don't wanna know
	They say that black is black and white is white
	You can't cross over 'cause it don't seem right

That reads to me like a lament that radio stations (and record labels)
(and venues) (and so on) perceived music as being divided along racial
lines and wanted to maintain that separation.  Does this somehow figure
into the story of Bluebird Records? -- which I know came and went several
times, although my memory's very fuzzy on the details (and the Wikipedia
entry helps, but doesn't address this question).


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