[Blues-l] Administrivia: Coronavirus response/information

Rich Kulawiec rsk@gsp.org
Tue Mar 17 14:54:40 EDT 2020

1. We're going to be allocating significant computing resources to
the "FoldingAtHome" project.  Web sites, mailing lists, all other
services will continue to function but they may be a little slower
than usual.  We will be monitoring to make sure the slowdown is
modest and not excessive.

You can also help in this effort if you have spare computing capacity
on your own systems.

The FoldingAtHome project is using highly distributed computing to try
to crack the algorithmically difficult problem of finding druggable sites
on COVID-19.  Basically what you do is download their client software,
decide how much of your computer's resources you want to let them have,
and then they farm out the work to your system -- and tens of thousands
of others.  The "Folding" refers to protein folding; here's an explanation:

	Coronavirus - What we're doing and how you can help in simple terms

2. I've created a very small/simple/fast landing page for COVID-19
information.  It's here:


It contains links to scientific/medical resources like the CDC, Johns Hopkins,
GISAID, etc.  Suggested additions are welcome -- off-list please.


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