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	“Little” Charlie Baty – 7/10/1953 – 3/6/2020
	Born in Birmingham, AL, Charles Baty decided early on that he wanted
to play blues so he taught himself to play the harmonica and guitar at
the age of twelve.

	When he was studying at UC Berkeley, he met another Blues enthusiast,
fellow student Rick Estrin. Rick also played harmonica, so Little
Charlie made the guitar 

	his main instrument. After graduating from U. C. Berkeley with a
degree in mathematics in 1975, he worked for many years at U. C. Davis
while performing music at night.

	He & Rick formed the band Little Charlie and the Nightcats in 1976.
After sending in an unsolicited tape to Alligator records, they got
signed to the label and put out their

	first album, “All the Way Crazy” in 1987. Nine more albums
followed until in early 2008, Baty announced he was entering "soft"
retirement, no longer touring with the band

	 - now called Rick Estrin and the Nightcats - except for select North
American festivals. He then went on to form Little Charlie And Organ
Grinder Swing releasing the

	album 'Skronky Tonk'  in 2016. He also made guest appearances on
other Blues albums playing not only guitar but harmonica. He developed
pneumonia and died

	of a heart attack while hospitalized in Vacaville, CA. He was 66. 
Services will be held Monday, March 16, 11 am at Klumpp’s Funeral
Home in Sacramento CAServices will be held Monday, March 16, 11 am at
Klumpp’s Funeral Home, 2691 Riverside Blvd. Sacramento CA


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