[Blues-l] Some blues vinyl, mostly 45s

John Kristoff jtk@depaul.edu
Mon Jul 20 08:29:53 EDT 2020

Hi again blues-l,

I'do not consider myself a record collector, but in my younger days I
picked up some LPs mostly that I treasure.  I also happened to nab some
45s and an EP when I when to a record show with friends in the later
80's.  Here is what I picked up on that venture, all 45s except for the

  John Mayall's Bluesbreakers with Paul Butterfield

The price on it is US $25 for it.  I might have paid less, I don't
remember now.  I wasn't even aware they played together until I saw
that and it seemed cool so I picked it up.  The songs aren't among
their best, but it is historically interesting if you're into that sort
of thing.  The cover and record are still in very good shape so I'll
hold on to it.

Also this EP:

  Jimmy Reed / Vee-Jay
    Oh John
    Kansas City Baby
    Too Much
    I'll Change That Too
    Good Lover

I also picked up of varying, but playable quality, each probably for a
few dollars or so:

  Chuck Berry / Chess / Deep Feeling, School Day
  Chuck Berry / Chess / Nadine (Is It You?), Roll Over Beethoven
  Mo-Jo Buford / Bangar / Messin' with the Kid, Whole Lotta Woman
  Bo Diddley / checker / Bo Diddley, I'm a Man
  Frank Frost / Jewel / Harp and Soul, My Back Scratcher
  Slim Harpo / Excello / Midnight Blues, Shake Your Hips
  Slim Harpo / Excello / Shake Your Hips, Midnight Blues
  John Lee Hooker / King / Don't Go Baby, Moanin' and Stompin' Blues
  Shakey Horton / Argo / Good Moanin' Blues, Groove Walk
  Elmore James / Enjoy / Everyday I Have the Blues, Dust My Broom
  B.B. King / Kent / Bad Breaks, Growing Old
  Lonnie Mack / Fraternity / Wham!, Suzie Q
  Jimmy Reed / Vee-Jay / You Know I Love You, Take Out Some Insurance
  Joe Turner / Atlantic / Ti-Ri-Lee, Flip Flop and Fly
  Little Walter / Checker / Break It Up, Me and Piney Brown
  Little Walter / Checker / Everything Gonna Be Alright, Back Track
  Little Walter / Checker / I'm a Business Man, Dead Presidents
  Muddy Waters / Chess / Got My Mojo Working, Tiger in Your Tank
  Muddy Waters / Chess / Mean Mistreater, Walking Thru the Park
  Muddy Waters / Chess / Old Fashion Ways, Manish Boy
  Muddy Waters / Chess / When the Eagle Flies, Birdnest on the Ground
  Johnny Winter / Columbia / I'm Yours and I'm Hers, I'll Drown in My Tears

I'll add this curiosity too, at least it was to me when I found it:

  Walter Horton
  Harmonica Genius
  Black Magic Records

I don't think it it worth much, but it was the only blues picture disc
I had ever seen so I picked it up.  I don't think it is worth a lot,
but it is kind of cool.

Maybe I'll post some other LPs and covers I have next time.  I think I
may have one 78 somewhere, but like I said, I wasn't a collector, I was
mainly acquiring these because I liked listening to them.


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