[Blues-l] Chicago newsletters - JRM, CMM, Legends

John Kristoff jtk@depaul.edu
Mon Jul 13 11:01:49 EDT 2020

I pulled three paper "newsletters" buried in a the closet I thought this
group might be interested in.  They are probably of limited interest
other than giving a particular point-in-time look at the time they were

The first is a "Rhythm & News", a recurring small paper newsletter
printed by the Jazz Record Mart (JRM).  I think this would have been
printed sometime in late 1991 or early 1992 judging from the jazz and
blues fest line ups:


This is about 16 pages and inside is mostly a list of Delmark and
related title listings.

JRM was perhaps one of the best known record stores for blues music in
the world, last located just off the "mag mile" in Chicago. JRM owned
and operated by Bob Koester, also known for Delmark Records. JRM's
inventory was sold and the store closed down a few years back and the
DelMark label was also sold to new owners.  Mr Koester opened Bob's
Blues and Jazz Mart on the north side of the city. I believe it recently
re-opened after being shuttered due to COVID-19. I've not been to this
new place yet, but it is on the to do list.

This next one I think was basically a free marketing piece that you
could pick up at music stores called Chicago Music Magazine (CMM).  It
looks like this original newsletter is now defunct as there appears to
be a newer journal published under the same name that started in 2012.
This issue is from June 1991:


This CMM is about 40 pages and contains a lot of advertising of various
artists, releases, and events not specifically blues, but this issue
featured blues to coincide with the yearly Chicago Blues Fest that
happens in June.  There is a short piece on B.B. King in addition to
the blues-related subjects mentioned on the cover.

Lastly, is one from Buddy Guy's Legends from May/June 1997:


This one is probably the most interesting for a general audience.  It is
basically marketing for Legends, plus some ads, but it includes lots of
short bios and descriptions of acts to appear at Legends.  It also
includes a one-page cartoon "Illustrated History of the Blues" that
continues from past and onto future issues.


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