[Blues-l] A thought that I had this morning: people missing from here

Rich Kulawiec rsk@gsp.org
Mon Jan 22 08:06:11 EST 2018

Y'know, I think I mentioned this at the time blues-l migrated here,
but I may not have emphasized it and it was probably lost in the shuffle.

When I was figuring out who to tell about the list's new home/who to
invite to the list, I went through the list's archives for the past
couple of years and picked out the people who appeared to be the
most prolific posters.  In some cases, the email addresses I have
for those people no longer worked (problem 1).  I no doubt overlooked
some people I shouldn't have (problem 2).  I didn't go more than a couple
years deep (problem 3).

Given all that, there are probably folks out there who would be here --
except they don't know about it.  If you know them: by all means,
tell them about this.  If you want to try to track them down, the
list's archives are here:


and they're indexed by search engines, so you can search them for
names and email addresses.


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