[Blues-l] future of Blues-L

Jonny Meister meisterblues@gmail.com
Sun Jan 21 16:29:35 EST 2018

One thing that Blues-L was good for, though it's a sad thing, was 
getting the word out when a blues artist died. Although I am signed 
up (I think!) for notifications from various social media groups and 
blues publications, the info about an artist's passing often doesn't 
just come in now, as it once did. I found out that CeDell Davis had 
passed a while after it happened, when a German guy I trade with sent 
me word of what he considered surprising: that a German newspaper had 
noted his death (they seem to have gotten it from the NY Times). It 
was actually news to me! Somehow I had missed it.

Listservs for broad or general topics do seem to be in decline, 
though. They remain in use as staff email sources for workplaces and 
intra-company kinds of communications.  Facebook now faces scrutiny 
for being a likely tool of Russians wanting to affect our elections, 
and as a sometimes source of fake news, but the social media model 
has definitely won out over the old, dusty listservs. There's 
probably no good reason to continue this listserv if it costs any 
significant amount of money to do so.

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