[Blues-l] Do we need this?

chrisradio4 chrisradio4@yahoo.com
Sun Jan 21 12:52:22 EST 2018

I find seeing the playlists helpful. the lack of discussion has been lamented on some other music listservs as well. Is there more consensus? Less divisive music? Social media and opinion-having burnout?ChrisKMUW Crossroads

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It does seem to have fallen out of use, though I think listservs have 
some advantages over FB, or at least the absence of some negative 
features of social media - - but things change . . . .

At 01:23 PM 1/20/2018, P.W. Fenton via Blues-l wrote:
>I'm beginning to wonder if maintaining this listserv serves any 
>purpose any more.  There is rarely anything you could call a 
>discussion here.  A tiny handful of people ever post, and those that 
>do, like myself, basically use it to promote our own activities. I 
>ask because it's time for me to renew the domain registration and I 
>wonder if there is an point now that there is a much more active 
>"Blues-L" presence on Facebook. P.W. Fenton Hudson, FL

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