[Blues-l] future of Blues-L

Terence McArdle tmcardle1960@yahoo.com
Sun Jan 21 12:38:57 EST 2018

Yes, I miss the activity. I don't think the problem is just a migration to Facebook. I think Blues-L offline for quite awhile at one point and the list has changed servers too many times. 

Also, I shared some things that I'd found through Google alerts. However, I just got a lot of grief from people griping about the stories being behind a paywall. So I stopped.

Most subscribers didn't post regularly. It was mostly diehards who posted everyday with the majority lurking. 

Technology keeps shrinking everything into increasingly narrow niches -- look at our politics --  and people spend less time engaged with their surroundings (unless it's the game on a big TV at the bar.) I miss Blues-L because you could keep up on who was touring, where the gigs were, etc. But apparently, there are now fewer gigs and very few tours. And I miss Chuck Nevitt.


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