[Blues-l] Administrivia: system upgrades, AOL issues, and archives

Rich Kulawiec rsk@gsp.org
Sun Jan 1 18:39:52 EST 2017

System upgrades: I'm going to upgrade the operating system on the
servers that handle blues-l.  Timeframe: January.  I'll give you
all a heads-up before I shut things down.  I'll estimate 4-8 hours;
mail will be queued while the systems are down and should flush
through after they're back up.

AOL issues: mail from subscribers @AOL that's going to subscribers @AOL
continues to be a problem.  (I think I've solved all the other delivery
issues to AOL folks.)  Rest assured that I really am monitoring it and
am fixing it pretty quickly every time it breaks.  Thankfully the fixes
for folks @Yahoo are still working so there's only one to deal with. ;)

Archives: after the system upgrades are done, I'm going to rebuild the
archives.  All this really means to you is that parts of them will
be temporarily while the rebuild is taking place.  I probably won't
announce this, will just start it running late one night and hope
it finishes by morning.


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