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Nicely put, Eliot.  Thank you.


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I am very sad indeed to hear about Eric's death.  I had corresponded with hm 
off and on since the early days of Blues-L.  He was a remarkable person, 
with an unquenchable enthusiasm for Blues and related musical forms.  The 
depth and breadth of his knowledge of blues, R&B and early soul music was 
nothing short of amazing.  He had a huge record collection - I think he told 
me once he had something like 20,000 LPs and 40,000 45s.  I think you'd need 
to have training in library science to manage such a collection well, and in 
fact he was a librarian (at the Herzberg Institute of Astrophysics) until he 
retired a few years ago.  He was clearly obsessive about collecting both 
music and information about musicians, but in a very good way.  His database 
is a treasure that I hope can be preserved and added to in years to come.

Eliot Williams
Department of Medicine
University of Wisconsin
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