[Blues-l] addendum

Terence McArdle tmcardle1960@yahoo.com
Tue Sep 2 15:31:27 EDT 2014

>>At Last should also be on that list. It's a bloody wedding band tune. 
Shirleta had a little trouble with a couple of phrases which I actually 
wouldn't have noticed if she hadn't told the audience. I think Shakura's band really nailed Cried Like A Baby.It's just possible that she played the Big Maybelle version for them. 
She didn't do Dr. Feelgood. That was Shirleta. Really, I'd just as soon 
never hear Dr. Feelgood again other than the Atlantic record. (And 
that's not to take anything away from Shirleta. Aretha (and we love her) can't even hit those notes anymore.) I missed Stacy's set. The last 
time I saw her was at the Silver Spring fest. She was leading the 
audience in a sing-a-long on Flashlight. "Somebody scream."  Perhaps 
Flashlight could be on that list. Maybe replace it with Atomic Dog?<<

All of this is confusing. We had three women singers on the show at the DC Blues Festival, Shirleta Settles and Stacy Brooks, both local, and Shakura. All three are good singers but both Stacy and Shirleta tend to do a lot of standards (crowd pleasers) and as an audience member, I'm getting burned out on some of those songs. Flashlight is particularly annoying as every soul or blues cover band in DC is doing it now.


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