[Blues-l] [BluesList] eRIC'S BLUES DATES - NOVEMBER 21

Jef Jaisun jef@jaisunphoto.com
Thu Nov 20 20:34:23 EST 2014

At 10:57 PM 11/20/2014, you wrote:
>BROOKS, HADDA                         (p) d. 2002-1121, LOS 
>ANGELES,     CA  86

So lucky I got to see her a few times. Talk about a character.  While 
the bassist riffed on stage, she'd get up from the piano, grab her 
drink and do an extremely casual "crowd walk" through the club, 
singing and cracking wise all the way. One night she leaned over and 
kissed a guy who'd just been married! She was probably 84 at the 
time, and could still play wonderfully.

>HATFIELD, ERNIE(p/d/SLIM FURNESS & 4 KEYS d. 2002-1121, 
>SEATTLE,         WA  88

Just drove by his old house on the way home. I met him circa 1989 in 
a deli a couple blocks away, where I used to get lunch. Ernie would 
spend most of the day there, drinking coffee and hanging out. Back at 
his home, he'd sit down at the piano and regale us with his immense 
talent. Helluva nice guy, too.

>LOCKWOOD, ROBERT JR.                  (g) d. 2006-1121, 
>CLEVELAND,       OH  91

Sheesh, eight years already? Damn. Too many stories to tell, but the 
best occurred during his Jazz Alley gig about 10 years ago. I went 
over to the Alley's condo to ask Robert to sign my guitar. He 
eventually did, but first he said, "Well, I see you brought it. I 
assume you can play it. Let's hear something." Ulp! :)  Even better 
was what led up to that moment. Several hours earlier his wife 
announced, "I'm going shopping. You guys do what you want." So, I got 
to spend four undisturbed hours sitting on a sofa with one of my most 
revered blues icons, the two of us just talkin' shit about the blues. 
(After all those years, he still didn't liked Ike Turner. LOL)


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