[Blues-l] Please check the (new) blues-l archives

Rich Kulawiec rsk@gsp.org
Sat May 31 06:45:20 EDT 2014

First, if you're reading this, then you're on the (new) blues-l.
I've got it configured to hold all traffic at the moment, as I work
on trying to get everyone on the (old) blues-l to subscribe.
About 1/3 of those folks have done so, which is pretty good for
a first pass; now I'm making a second one.

Second, I'd like to ask you to look at:


which are the archives I've been working on.  These go back to 2008;
I figured it'd be good to get some eyeballs on these before going back
further (which I *will* do).  These archives are navigable by thread,
subject, author and date, so in theory they should be self-consistent:
that is, links which point from one message to another should always work.

But that's why I want the eyeballs. ;)

If you see something that's wonky, please drop a note about it to:


which is the standard address for contacting the person/people behind
a mailing list.  Include the URL, please, so that I can look at what
you're looking at.

I'm aware of two issues: first, a handful of messages are missing.
I excluded them because their timestamps are insane and Mailman's
archiver gets heartburn when trying to process them.  Fixing that
will require code changes.  I'm working on it.  Second, the original
message footers are intact, yet the information in them is outdated.
I've got several options for fixing that and am mulling which would
be the least intrusive, but for right now my answer is "do nothing".


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