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Sorry, a bit late with this one!!!
My latest playlist for Sunday morning's CRN program (4-5am EST) is available
from here 
or just click on playlist #1019 from the main page.
enhanced playlist with audio/video here
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Playlist #1019

CRN syndicated Community Radio Stations around Australia - AIR DATE - Sunday
29 June-2014 4-5am Australian EST (Sydney / Melbourne) 

Also on Fleurieu FM <http://myradiostream.com/fleurieufm>  Victor Harbor SA
Fri 10:30pm EST

Seq	 Track	 Artist	 Track Title	 Album Title	 Country
Year	 Label	 Label Number	 Length	
0	 01	 Steve White
<http://www.postechnical.com/pigeons/index.htm> & The Barstool Pigeons
BluesBeat Intro Theme	 Bluesbeat Intro	 USA	 	BluesBeat
<http://www.pntra.com/t/RUBFRkZDSUBJREhGRkBHSERJRw> Database Powered by
Collectorz 		00:35	
1	 13	 Stormcellar <http://www.stormcellar.com.au/>  	The Sun
Shines On	 # The Curious Assembly	 Australia	 2014
SC1401	 03:38	
2	 11	 Bob Stroger and Kenny "Beedy Eyes"
<http://www.beedyeyes.com/> Smith 	Clever Mama	 Keepin' It Together
USA	 2014	 Big Eye Records  <http://www.bigeyerecords.com/> 
http://www.bigeyerecords.com/ 	BE0004	 03:37	
3	 08	 Bobby Rush with
<https://www.facebook.com/bobbyrushbluesman?fref=ts> Blind Dog Smokin'
Skinny Little Women	 Decisions	 USA	 2014	 Silver Talon
Records  <http://www.silvertalonrecords.com/> 
http://www.silvertalonrecords.com 	STF-393	 04:19	
4	 04	 The Bella Reunion <http://www.thebellareunion.com.au/>
This Ain't Love	 Introducing The Bella Reunion	 Australia	 2014
5	 07	 Keith Hall and Pat Dow Band
<http://www.spectacularfeets.com.au/>  	A Wicked In Your Laugh	 A Love
Divine	 Australia	 2014	 Rainbow Recording
http://www.spectacularfeets.com.au 		03:22	
6	 02	 Janiva Magness <http://www.janivamagness.com/>
Twice As Strong	 Original	 USA	 2014	 Fathead Records
FH1005	 03:46	
7	 01	 Dan Granero <http://www.dangranero.com/>  	The Time Has
Come	 Blues Express	 Australia	 2014	 Dan Granero
http://www.myspace.com/dangranero 	DG006	 02:58	
8	 05	 Fo'Reel <http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/foreel>  	Gate
Heavy Water	 USA	 2014	 Cd Baby	 	04:17	
9	 10	 Mia Dyson <http://www.miadyson.com/>  	Crazy Horse
Idyllwild	 Australia	 2014	 CO OP - Black Door Records
BDR018	 03:51	
10	 09	 Ronnie Earl  <http://www.ronnieearl.com/> & The
Broadcasters 	Puddin' Pie	 Good News	 USA	 2014	 Stony Plain
Records - OBM  <http://www.onlybluesmusic.com/> 
http://www.onlybluesmusic.com 	SPCD 1372	 04:07	
11	 03	 Kelley Hunt <http://www.kelleyhunt.com/>  	Let It Rain
The Beautiful Bones	 UK	 2014	 88 Records
http://www.kelleyhunt.com/ 	EER1406	 04:28	
12	 01	 Lucky 3 Blues Band <http://www.lucky3bluesband.com/>
Maxwell Street Blues	 Howl!	 USA	 2014	 	0001	 02:50	
13	 10	 Russell Morris <http://www.russellmorris.com.au/>
Sandakan	 Van Diemen's Land	 Australia	 2000	 FanFare
http://www.fanfarerecords.com 	FANFARE142	 04:06	
14	 02	 Steve Hill <http://www.stevehillmusic.com/>  	Slim Chance
Solo Recordings Volume 2	 USA	 2014	 No Label Records
NLR-114	 03:03	
15	 14	 Daryl Roberts <http://www.heygringo.net/>  	Moonslap
Best Of Hey Gringo	 Australia	 2014	 		06:31	

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