[Blues-l] Long Long Walks

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Stranger Blues "Well, I'm going back home if I have to wear out 99 pair of shoes"

(Sonny and Brownie and Blind Boy Fuller)

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I was listening to Linsey Alexander's new album "Come Back Baby" 
oday. It includes a song called "Goin' Out Walkin'" (lyrics like 
Yes, I'm goin' out walkin', I'm gonna walk all the way to Texas").
It got me thinking about long walks, real long walks, like Fats 
omino "Walkin' To New Orleans," and, one of my first favorite blues 
ongs, Johnnie Temple's "Louise Louise Blues" ("She made me walk from 
hicago, to the gulf of Mexico"). That was from 1935, and I tried to 
magine that walk when I heard that song as a kid... I wonder if 
nyone can think of others, especially any before Johnnie Temple's song.
Legend has it that Bobby Charles (living in Lake Charles, LA) was on the phone 
ith Dave Bartholomew trying to negotiate a loan.
Fats was in the room and told Dave, "Tell him to start walking."
And thus was born "Walking to New Orleans."
Critics are invited to have their own opinions . . .
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