[BluesList] Playlist: Two For The Blues 4/19/2014

Art Schuna aaschuna@wisc.edu
Sun Apr 20 12:15:41 EDT 2014

Here's last night's show which featured artists i heard at last 
weekend's Juke Joint Blues Festival in Clarksdale, MS. Two For The Blues
broadcasts from 8-10PM Central time on Saturday nights and may be heard 
at www.wortfm.org for those outside of our broadcast
range. The show is archived there for2 weeks following broadcast in case 
you missed it and want to check it out.


Two for the Blues (Music) with Art Schuna 04/19/2014 08:00PM to 10:00PM

Luther Randolph & Johnny Stiles “CROSSROADS” from Cameo 45 (7 Inch) on cameo

5 Royales “Baby Don't Do It” from Soul & Swagger: Complete "5" Royales 
Disc 1 on Rockbeat (US)

5 Royales “Monkey Hips & Rice” from Soul & Swagger: Complete "5" Royales 
Disc 2 on Rockbeat (US)

5 Royales “Laundromat Blues” from Soul & Swagger: Complete "5" Royales 
Disc 1 on Rockbeat (US)

5 Royales “Dedicated To The One I Love” from Soul & Swagger: Complete 5 
Royales Disc 3 on Rockbeat (US)

Charlie Patton “Down The Dirt Road Blues” from Best of Charlie Patton on 
Yazoo (USA)

Charlie Patton “High Water Everywhere” from Who Is The Masked Marvel? on 
Revenant (USA)

Jimmy "Duck" Holmes & Terry "Harmonica" Bean “She Moved Across The 
River” from Twice As Hard on Broke & Hungry New

Reverend KM Williams “Feel Like Hollerin'” from Jukin' In The Holy Land 
on Nobody's Fault New

Cadillac John Nolden “Sugar Mama” from Red's Vol. 1 on None (US)

Rip Lee Pryor “Shake Your Boogie” from Nobody But Me (2014) on 
Electro-Fi Records New

Deak Harp “If You've Ever Been In Clarksdale” from Mississippi Bound on 
None (US)

Cedell Davis “My Dog Won't Stay Home” from Best of Cedell Davis on 
Capricorn (USA)

Leo Welch “Praise His Name” from Sabougla Voices (2014) on Big Legal 
Mess (USA) New

Ironing Board Sam “(Come On) Let's Boogie” from Double Bang! (2013) on 
Dixiefrog New

All Night Long “Everybody's Jukin'” from Shake on Sean Appel

All Night Long “Ain't Gonna Stop” from Ain't Gonna Stop on Sean Appel

All Night Long “Shake 'Em” from Shake on Sean Appel

Geeshie Wiley “Last Kind Words Blues” from The Return of the Stuff That 
Dreams Are Made Of (2012) on Yazoo (USA)

Geeshie Wiley “Skinny Leg Blues” from The Stuff That Dreams Are Made of: 
Super Rarities (2006) on Yazoo (USA)

Elvie Thomas “Over To My House” from Paramount Masters Disc D on JSP (UK)

Elva Thomas & Geeshie Wiley “Motherless Child Blues” from When the Levee 
Breaks: Mississippi Blues Rare Cuts 1926-41 Disc B on JSP (UK)

Muddy Waters “LONG DISTANCE CALL” from Authorized Bootleg on Geffen* 
Records (USA)

Big Walter Horton “Little Boy Blue” from Live At The Knickerbocker on 

Guitar Shorty “Easter Blues” from Alone In the Field on Trix

Bobby Rush “2 Eyes Full of Tears” from Upstairs At United (12 Inch) on 
453 Music (USA) New

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