[BluesList] St. Louis concertgoers sing the blues after erratic performance by 88-year-old B.B. King - Seymour Tribune

Jef Jaisun jef@jaisunphoto.com
Tue Apr 8 10:43:20 EDT 2014

So would I, if it didn't mean paying $200 for the privilege of 
watching him sleep-walk through the identical routine night after night.

I love B.B. like he's my own kin, and I'd go see him if I could hang 
out with him like we used to do in the old days. But nobody can do 
that anymore. He's got too many self-important handlers keeping 
people away, and the show described in this article has been the norm 
for at least a decade now. Nobody buys a ticket to the King of the 
Blues to hear him sing "You Are My Sunshine," let alone dawdle with 
it for 20  minutes.

Even the King of the Blues has to hang 'em up some time. 
Unfortunately, it's overdue.

At 06:53 AM 4/8/2014, you wrote:
>First time I've seen public news comment. Personally, I'd go see him 
>again tonight if I could.

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