Where are the blues?

Terence McArdle tmcardle1960@YAHOO.COM
Fri Mar 8 09:52:34 EST 2013

>>>Column by Jan Ransey that may be of interest.


>>>Column by Jan Ransey that may be of interest.


I've had the same thought about Washington though my frustration is more that there is one blues club (The Zoo Bar) that has a rotation of only 4 bands -- and there is nowhere that consistently books anyone from out of town. It would be nice to have a club that would bring in say, John Nemeth, Marquise Knox, James Kinds  -- some of the folks who aren't (but should be) marquee names. I think one problem is that promoters in recent years have focused on the festivals to the exclusion of clubs, partly because they can get more money for just one set of music and also because the cost of van traveling is so unpredictable. (Revues like The Mannish Boys are actually designed for festival bookings.)  But the festival money seems to be drying up because the local governments don't have it and the corporate sponsors are under pressure to cut, too. So if someone started a blues club -- perhaps with a side order of soul and funk which are having a big revival now
 with the younger, collegiate set -- could possibly have a go of it. They would NOT make a killing, however -- and the format wouldn't work indefinite
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