Playlist: 2/27/2013 w/Booker T. & Otis Taylor

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2/27/2013: Playlist:
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Interviews: Booker T. Jones talks about his NJ appearance & tells us he's
working on a new album and returning to Stax Records at the Concord Music Group
Otis Taylor talks about his latest Telarc recording "My World is Gone"
Felix Cabrera talks about his next CD reuniting the Black Italians band with
Jimmy Vivino for Blind Pig records
Births: Nicky Hopkins (69) George Harrison (70) David "Fathead" Newman (80)
Larry Carlton (65) Bob "The Bear" Hite (70) Mitch Ryder (68) Lou Reed 77)
Tony Randall (93) and more!
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For the 5th consecutive year: The Sounds of Blue is the 2012 most pledged to
radio show at WFDU-FM which operates in Teaneck, NJ, 10 miles west of
NYC,and brought in around $14,000, and all by its lonesome: and covered 20%
of the stations annual fund drive budget.
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Text playlist for 2/27/2013 Sounds of Blue
Time ∧  Title  Artist  Album  Label  Genre
09:09 am  Easy Evil  Larry Carlton  Playing/Singing - Larry Carlton 65  Blue
Thumb - Edsel
09:13 am  So Far Away  Crusaders  Crusaders Golder Years - Larry Carlton
65  GRP  Soul
09:24 am  The Odd Couple  Russel Malone  Look Who's Here - Tony Randall 93
09:32 am  Play the Blues (Baby Please)  Larry Carlton  Live at My Father's
Place - Larry Carlton 65  Boot or  Blues
09:39 am  Saphire Blue  Larry Carlton  Saphire Blue - Larry Carlton 65
Bluebird  Blues
09:47 am  Birds Nest Bound  Robben Ford  Bringing It Back Home  Provogue  Blues
09:53 am  Too Much  Larry Carlton & Robben Ford  Live In Tokyo - Larry
Carlton 65 -  Blues
10:00 am  Various  Flashback Hour
10:03 am  School Days  Larry Carlton  Live at the Greek  Stanley Clarke &
Friends: Bill Cobham & Larry Carlton 65
10:24 am  Edward's Trump Up  Nicky Hopkins  Jamming With Edward!  Point
Blank Classic - Rolling Stones Records
10:33 am  Sweet N' Sour  Crusaders  Crusaders Golder Years - Larry Carlton
65  GRP  Soul
10:42 am  Rock 'N' Roll  Mitch Ryder  Detroit with Mitch Ryder  MCA  Rock
& Roll
10:48 am  Intro/Sweet Jane  Lou Reed  Rock 'N' Roll Animal  RCA  Classic Rock
10:56 am  Friday Night Shuffle  Larry Carlton  Saphire Blue - Larry
Carlton 65  Bluebird  Blues
11:03 am  Animalism  Felix Cabrera  The Felix Cabrera Band w/ Jimmy
Vivino-Live at the Turning Point
11:07 am  Interview  Felix Cabrera
11:22 am  Listen Here  Felix Cabrera    Soul
11:31 am  Sit Across Your Table  Otis Taylor  My World Is Gone  Telarc
11:36 am  Interview  Otis Taylor
11:44 am  Blue Rain In Africa  Otis Taylor  My World is Gone  Telarc  Blues
11:48 am  London Blues  Bob "The Bear" Hite  Future Blues - Bob "The Bear"
Hite 70   Blues
11:53 am  Blackout  Enrico Crivellaro  Freewheelin'  Electro-Fi  Blues
12:03 pm  I'll Play the Blues for You (alternate version)  Albert King  I'll
Play the Blues for You  Stax Remasters  Blues
12:12 pm  Down In Memphis  Booker T. Jones  The Road From Memphis  Anti  Soul
12:15 pm  Interview  Booker White
12:26 pm  Everything Is Everything  Booker T. Jones  The Road From Memphis
Anti  Soul
12:32 pm  The Clincher  David "Fathead" Newman  Captain Buckles  Atlantic -
Label M  Jazz
12:38 pm  Edward, the Mad Shirt Grinder  Nicky Hopkins  Let It Rock - Jerry
Garcia & Nicky Hopkins 69 - Rhino
12:49  Out of the Blue George Harrison 70 All Things Must Pass Capitol/Apple
12:53 Larry Carlton 65 That Road Live In Tokyo featuring Robben Ford 335 Records

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