Zuzu Bollin/Record Release Party 1989

Terence McArdle tmcardle1960@YAHOO.COM
Wed Feb 27 11:54:25 EST 2013

I like Zuzu's vocals, Chuck. But I also like Jimmy Reed, Ernest Tubb, Memphis Slim (who always sounds a little bit sharp), Floyd Tillman and even Arbee Stidham (who many blues fans tend to diss), any one of whom might be an acquired taste by the modern standards of pop music -- which I hardly adhere to. Zuzu actually reminds me of Arbee in some weird way. I'm rather surprised that the Scott bros didn't jump to put the Zuzu CD out as they put out by Robert Ealey which did nothing for me (even though it had some great players). 

BTW -- I saw your man Johnny Moeller with the Fabulous Thunderbirds review (Blues At The Crossroads). He sounded great and has grown tremendously as a musician (particularly in his use of dynamics and space) since the days when he played in Texas Heat. James Cotton still has it on har
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p, too.


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