SBC: New "Memphis Music Hall of Fame" Announces 25 Initial Inductees

Paul Nunis nunispaul@GMAIL.COM
Sun Oct 21 17:12:00 EDT 2012

The branding/marketing of Memphis music will claim anyone who slowed down
long enough to get gas as a 'Memphis musician'. It will also studiously
ignore a large number of great artists who could rightfully claim to be

At least ZZ Top played Memphis regularly when they built up their early
biker/college kid fan base by steadily touring small clubs and private
parties in the early years.

As far as identity goes, they make much of flying the Texas flag, and
promoting ties to the south*west*... Austin, Las Vegas, both sides of the
Rio Grande, et al.

I've not seen them promote the rebel flag or otherwise insert themselves
into the 'South will rise again' southern rock imagery/politics. When I
first saw them live, they were touring with Quicksilver Messenger
Service... more 'Summer of Love'' than 'Heat of the Night'.

They were of course, seriously blues based in their 1970-1979 incarnation,
with only a few songs like that later on.

On Sat, Oct 20, 2012 at 10:02 PM, MARK SCHOSSOW <> wrote:

> I've seen em I like em,but dey not Blue's. They advertised themselves as
> "Southern fried rock." They also flew the rebel flag which should come to
> an end.(saw em in 80's 3- four times.Blows steam outa my ears.
> Thumper
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> From: Ricky Stevens
> Sent: 20 Oct 2012 05:30:39 GMT
> Subject: Re: SBC: New "Memphis Music Hall of Fame" Announces 25 Initial
>       Inductees
> They recorded a couple of albums at Ardent Studios and mention Memphis in
> one of their songs.
> Other than those, I don't get the connection.
> Ricky Stevens
> Arkabutla, Mississippi

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