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Wed May 30 22:20:52 EDT 2012

As we mentioned this weekend, Silk City has released a new CD of Otis Spann
 material... primarily unreleased material... featuring Otis and bandleader
and  vocalist.  A number of you have requested more information about the

Catalog Number: LPD2028
Released: May 24, 2012
Available at: _
(   (Sample MP3's are available and DJ's can contact us
for immediate availability  of High Bit Rate WAV files suitable for Audio
Broadcast).  CD will  also begin to carry the CD's as of June 1, 2012.

The Songs:

Chicken Shack
Country Boy
Someday (acoustic)
Come Back Baby
Meet Me In The Bottom
Spann's Boogie
Someday (electric)
Blind Man
Back Bay Shuffle
St. Louis Blues
Cold Feeling Blues
Spann's Blues
Blues Don't Love Nobody

Running time is about 36 minutes...  1/2 of the songs are with band in
front of a live audience and 1/2 are intimate solo performances.

The Source:

We were able to convert a 1/4" digital tape that we found in a garage in NJ
 to digital format...  Allowing for the advanced age (circa 1967) and the
deplorable storage conditions, we got two good passes at the tape before it
became unplayable...  We didn't mess too much with  source sound (we  tried
to take out most of the hiss) because we didn't want to "over color" the
sound that Otis and his band mates produced...

Andy  Allu
_Silk City  Records_ (

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