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Tue May 29 17:10:16 EDT 2012

I just wanted to add some input from 1988 on this subject.
      I had just finished cleanup on forest fires that struck western Montana, Wyoming and Idaho.
 After mopup in Yellowstone,my 3 employees wanted to get back to Ely,MN.I had a notion to visit some good friends in Jackson,WY. and after a couple days sleep,went with my friends into town to the silver doller bar  Their was a tourist, cowboy theme bar. Which after 6 120 weeks in a row,I needed therapudic amounts of whisky,and of course, the Blues.This bar had a c & w band that technically pounded out C&W perfectly. I had whined loudly to my friend as the music stopped that I needed some Blues.The lead singer came to my table on break and said (I saw a tear in his eye)do you want me to do some Blues? Yes,yes I did say that,but you do your c&w stuff very well.The man said"its OK,really, their is a transition from country music to Blues." When the band started up after break and they played a cw song, after 3/4 thru,he up tempo'ed and the song seamlessly went into a Blues song seamlessly.
   The point being,for me,that it was "white" Blues. I think that the stereotype C & W redneck, honkytonk stuff came From the Blues,jazz and early rock music.The beat was slowed down♪♪♪ so as to fit in with the morals and sensibilities of the great plains cowboys,farmers and families who punched an area which stretches from Texas to Montana an Saskatchewan. 
     I forgot the name of that singer and the band he was with, but as I read the last few letters,it hit me.This singer was a flawless musician who also told me that he had finished his studies at CCM.(Chicago conservatory of music) and was trying to find his place in the world of music and its money.
      I believe that it was the Blues and jazz musicians along with bluegrass (hillbelly) that influenced c&w music,and they ran parrellel,and bridged by folk like the outlaws (Waylen & Willy and the boys), Johnny Cash and others.
      So I feel that the people who wanted c&w,also did not allow (in they're house or town honkytonks) musicians  like Elvis,the  Beatles,Jerry Lee Lewis and other early white Rock and rolling musicians.
   These early c&w took the early Blue's etc. and taylored it to fit in to they're sensibilities.
     I wonder what folks on the list will say about gender. I shall stay clear of that one,as I'm afraid and mystified by the opposite gender.......BUT,I respect them,cuz the difference between us is very real,and not just a skindeep issue.It opened my eyes to the fact that race will forever be a factor in the U.S. AND the world AND in music.Jeece.
               Ur Brother in. Blues or......B.I.B., 

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