Jerry Portnoy @ Buenos Aires (26-5-2012)

Fernando Toral ftoral@MINAGRI.GOB.AR
Tue May 29 16:11:18 EDT 2012

Jerry Portnoy played last Saturday in 'La Trastienda' Club in Buenos
Aires, Argentina

The amplified harmonica is safe with this guy. What a sound!
He can play anything he wants (well, after hundreds of shows with Muddy,
the blues flows gently through his harps)
but he does it with great style, it's not  difficult to imagine  how  he
did it in Muddy's band.
I also liked how he introduced each songs, teaching who wrote or played
it. A bunch of classic tunes, some from his pen, great performance!

A gentleman in fact, I could talk a little with him after the show. It's
good to see these living legends still kicking around.

Fernando Toral
Buenos Aires, Argentina

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