A heated discussion on 'Race, Gender & the Blues'

beardo1 beardo1@COMCAST.NET
Sun May 27 06:19:11 EDT 2012

Just sayin' ......

My initial exposure to "blues" music was via The British Invasion when I was a kid. I can say with confidence that all my friends had their heads whirled around when they heard "Crossroads" for the first time. Yes, of course it was The Cream.

Does that start make me a fake blues fan? Tip of the hat to the promoters who influenced a slew of Brits by exposing them to black american artists in the early 60's, thus creating a new blues audience that became musicians. The American Folk Blues Festival by German promoters Horst Lippmann and Fritz Rau were the catalyst.

I could go on a LONG rant here.... but let me ask...What would have happened to this genre if it hadn't been shipped back to these shores as something many kids here were never exposed to before?

It changed me forever.

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