Otis Spann CD Corrected Information

Silkcitycd@AOL.COM Silkcitycd@AOL.COM
Fri May 25 23:16:56 EDT 2012

Silk City is pleased to announce the long-awaited release of "Someday",  a
new CD by Otis Spann.

The material contained in this CD is  mostly "unreleased" material,
recorded in late 1967 while on tour.

The  13-song collection is charming and intimate in spots and rocking and
raunchy in others.

Right Now the CD is available at  _www.silkcitycd.com/catalog.html_
(http://www.silkcitycd.com/catalog.html)     and will be available via CD Baby on
about June 1.  Individual  digital  distribution of individual tunes will
also be set up through legal  recognized  download sites like iTunes or

Andy  Allu
_Silk City  Records_ (http://www.silkcitycd.com/)

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