A heated discussion on 'Race, Gender & the Blues'

chuck 249 hhs249@GMAIL.COM
Wed May 23 05:33:19 EDT 2012

Is it always about the money? Isn't there, somewhere, the fables blues
man or woman who did it because (as the legend goes) "it was in him/her
and just had to come out." You know, like the football or baseball player
who right after they sign a multi million dollar a year deal has a press
conference to say, "I am glad to announce we have reached an agreement.
It was never about the money. That was never the issue. Anyone who knows me
knows that I would play this game I love for nothing.". Which sends all
eyes in the room
rolling at such a speed it looks like all the slots in Tunica being reset
at the same time.

Not that there is anything wrong being all about the money, while claiming
otherwise. Churches and politicians do it all the time. If it is good enough
for God and country, then damn it, it is good enough for musicians. ;)

chuck, in dallas

On May 22, 2012, at 22:23, "jinxblues@aol.com" <jinxblues@aol.com> wrote:

 In no particular order, and keeping in mind that I could find hundreds
of other good examples, here are a couple of handfuls of white singers
that (imo) pulled off the blues vocal thing, convincingly.  If there
is one common denominator, at least in the ones where there is video
footage, it is that they all seem to be giving the vocals their best
effort--which also works to separate the really good musicians from
the average, irregardless of color.


I have watched this thread come around and you are all missing the
point of the conference.

It was saying:

"I'm black and I'm in the blues world and I'm not working as much as I
should be working because white folks are getting hired and that's
wrong because it's MY birthright."

The conference was held in Chicago and - surprise - Mister Guy didn't
drive his Royles Royce from his club to attend.

I appreciate all of you lending opinions about guitar solos and vocal
styles but my late father had the right approach:

"The first time that someone tells you that's it's not about the
money, you know . . . it's about the money."

 Dick Waterman
1601 Buchanan Avenue
Oxford, MS 38655

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