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Jonny Meister bluesandbeyond@GMAIL.COM
Wed May 16 20:32:05 EDT 2012

Actually I think a good number of nominees for various awards had no
new recording or no particular special event in the past year, and
some weren't even that active. The BMA probably has some marketing
value, but not all that much, in part because it sometimes shows what
one wouldn't want to show... lack of qualified nominees, or same ones
year after year, winners and nominees not present for it, a DVD
nominated that isn't really officially issued, etc.  I have to admit
being less than satisfied with the slate of nominees this year as
well. I couldn't vote for any of my top picks for best contemporary album:

Bobby Rush  "Show You A Good Time"
Cedric Burnside Project  "The Way I Am"
Diunna Greenleaf  "Trying To Hold On
Grana Louise  "Getting' Kinda Rough!"
Kenny "Blues Boss" Wayne  "An Old Rock On A Roll"
Laurie Morvan Band  "Breathe Deep"
Quintus McCormick Blues Band  "Put It On Me!"
Nellie "Tiger" Travis  "I'm Going Out Tonight"
Watermelon Slim & Super Chikan  "Okiesippi Blues"

It would help a lot if it could be televised, even if only on the
'net, but it's clearly a struggle.

At 07:00 PM 5/16/2012, Bruce Bears wrote:
>Absolutely... Still, I think there is a clear use of the BMAs as a marketing
>tool to support acts that have recorded during the year

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