BMA winners

coolamps@GMAIL.COM coolamps@GMAIL.COM
Wed May 16 12:44:16 EDT 2012

I have nothing against Musselwhite and I appreciate him as an artist, but
that harmonica award having both Lester and Kim Wilson as nominees sounds
like a joke to me.

It's all for business. I do believe serious blues lovers shouldn't even
waste their time on BMA but since they're there it's hard to ignore them.

Unfortunately sooner or later stuff like BMA, etc. will be all that remains
about our beloved music. We're not that far.
On that day we'll clearly realize how futile all that crap is.
Can it help the blues? Maybe.
Will it save it? No.

Il giorno 11/mag/2012 20.53, "Jerzey Bob" <> ha

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