NBC: Poll: Major Shift in buying trends affects CD demand....

Sonlewis1@AOL.COM Sonlewis1@AOL.COM
Tue Jan 31 18:45:10 EST 2012

This (below) is JUST what is killing the major labels and they don't
realize it!  Nearly 22% of the respondents are purchasing directly from the
bands at shows.  With established artists and unsigned bands self  producing, a
major shift FROM the traditional major label/indie label  distribution
channel to the artists makes it appear as if CD demand is "down"  when in fact it
has moved "off the radar".

Artists now have the ability (with digital technologies) to produce really
credible, quality product and sell it from the stage and through
alternative  "non-reporting" channels.

The CD is not dead... it's just well hidden!

Son  Lewis
Blues Vocalist/Guitarist
_www.sonlewis.com_ (http://www.sonlewis.com/)
_http://www.youtube.com/silkcitycd_ (http://www.youtube.com/silkcitycd)

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cybergaloot@COMCAST.NET writes:

I buy  most of my commercial music directly from the artists at a show 24

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