Regarding one of our own

Thu Jan 26 11:36:51 EST 2012

One of our own on the list was dignosed with tumers in his brain.His name is Billy Allardyce and his address is I thought some of you migt want to reach out "accross the pond"as he calls it,to Scotland where he has a Blues band.Thom Myers is going to put his disc's on           There was a delay,and I got worried,as I felt there was a delay in sending the discs,I know he has grit,as he would not delay without good reason.He was the one who put his petition to have Scottish Blues considered as seperate from British and Irish Blues,posted on tbe  Blues-l.
   I told him we tried to help our own.A letter from those who wish to lift his spirits would be a good thing.When I had a stroke a few years back,letters from Walter and Guitar Mac reminded me of an important resource I had forgotten in my limited capacity.I have never forgotten they'compassion and still have they're letters.
   Anyone who wishes,may want to sign his petition now, would tickle him plaid.He had the sand to take on the himself,and deserves attention.I also know many of you'all are busy.Scottish Blues go back to the thirty's.I was sent a film of a Scottish ex-patriot singing of his anguish,missing his Haggis, which is sheep's stomach stuffed with sweetmeat's.The british narrerator said he was missing his wife.He than went on to saying how discusting he was " drinking, fighting  and playing the Blues,from texas,crossing to the delta and up to Chicago".He was a one armed man, holding a beer and playing the 'pipes and singing all at the same time. If that ain't sand,I don't what is.
   Thank you for your consideration
          Mark Schossow, aka Yup in Duluth, MN.

Yup say...Ya dont need no shoes to dance the Blues

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