Fw: Joint Statement Regarding PIPA (S.968) & SOPA (HR 3261)

Tue Jan 24 23:19:53 EST 2012

I guess this person said that their is no evidence on the contrary,but where is the evidence that this bill even will work.I Can tell people for Sure that whatever these thieves have thrown at them that they are good at what they do,and will have they're hackers get around whatever they put out for protection. It's alreaxy against the law to do that voodoo that they do.They look at protection and the law as throwing down the gauntlet.This country hits the smugglers of narcotics out in international waters,why not the ships 13 miles off the coastline. I was a midlevel weed smuggler in tbe early 80' s and know that whatever laws they make,someone will find away to get around it.They have laws in Place. They need to enforce these laws more than they do.Prove that this new bullshit can be enforced and I'll eat my shorts. Pro e that it will do anything to protect tbe honest  Bluesfolk,and get the bad ones to stop,and I will say I'm wrong.As long as it's profitable  to do these  crimes,it will be what it will be.Personaly,I think we should use tee dolphins we trained to swim under the commie ships with  bombs strapped to their backs and blow them the _uck out of the water. We would if it threatened  our oil,and tbe smugglers of hard drugs havn't slowed down tbe flow of narcotics poisoning our  children.I also don't like the demonising of all the musical industry. I know of many  at the top who apposed tbis piece of shit bill,,who helped many musicions rise to the top.Nuf said.


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