Blues for Kids

Yup yupduluth@MSN.COM
Wed Jan 18 22:33:17 EST 2012

It is so refreshing to see Blues folk not only playing and living the blues,but also being involved with the perpetuating and striving to preserving and being so involved with youngsters to ensure OUR beloved.Blues never fade into obscurity.I think that all the Bluesfolk on the list (if they are able ) ,what I consider the elite,to contribute what they do in the Blues industry, to share what we excel in to Ms.Valerie to aid in her mission.
        Hoot,,Holler,hey now, Yippie and Yay and git Down to this hardworking ,devoted 
Lady and her retinue for truly "living" the Blues.And selfless devotion to the cause.

Don't Need No Shoe's Ta Dance Da Blues 

Valerie Johnson <bluesyall@WILDBLUE.NET> wrote:

>This week Al B Blue and I will be starting 6 week classes - Getting kids
>introduced and interested in the Blues.  We'll be working with 5th
>graders at various schools in Santa Barbara. CA.  This is possible
>because of the commitment the Santa Barbara Blues Society made to
>"Keepin the Blues Alive" through their Blues for Youth Program.  At the
>end of the 6 weeks the kids will be putting on various assemblies and
>performing the songs their class wrote.
>I did get a couple of names of Latin Blues artists from Blues-L folks to
>add to my list.  Thank you so much.
>Valerie Johnson
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