Internet Piracy Legislation

YupDuluth yupduluth@MSN.COM
Tue Jan 3 17:48:55 EST 2012

Let me know if I could do any psy-ops as an overviews or anythinv to that note.would not that also work to stop Child porn?Not.The constitution says freedom, expression is a freedom we have. Be nice to see as much of piracy arrests, like they arrested the child porn.They arrest the perp,,but have no way to STOP the scum from downloading or uploads.Its proof that it woy behind on Blues. and ither copywriter offshore means nothing.They wanna  be pirates,lers sink them with one of our Subs.Fire in the hole!!!



Jimmy Jacobs <jacobslawoffice@GMAIL.COM> wrote:

>Interesting NYT article on the internet piracy prevention proposals.
>It appears that the business and labor lobbys have gotten together
>behind passage of SOPA.  I'm glad there are those raising alarms about
>the potential negative consequences (intended and unintended) of the
>legislation.  My senators and representative generally vote the
>positon taken by the US Chamber of Commerce so my voice won't mean
>much.  They will hear it anyway.
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