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What a refreshing idea to give support to a
Person who is already giving 110%.I am known as a ghostwriter, I would back this. by offering a small book supporting the Blues preservation idea and how to sustain and even do finantial contributions..However Ms Valerie that we should add Blue's iibe capitalised,always or pay a fine!!!We can support this womens ideas or support what shs asking for a Blues preservation act.Thank 
Ms. Valerie,thanks again.
                                    YUPDULUTH, Mark Schossow.


Valerie Johnson <bluesyall@WILDBLUE.NET> wrote:

>Happy New Year!!!!!
>Al B Blue and I will start presenting our Blues for Kids classes and
>workshops in some of the Santa Barbara Elementary Schools in a couple of
>weeks.   This has all been made possible by sponsorship from the Santa
>Barbara Blues Society (SBBS)/Blues for Youth Program.   They really are
>working hard to "Keepin the Blues Alive".  Thank you Santa Barbara Blues
>Society <>.
>Last year, being sponsored by SBBS, we were able to do interactive
>workshops with several High School classes and interactive assemblies
>for 8th grade classes at two Junior Highs.  Introducing and spreading
>the Blues is such an exciting and wonderful experience for all.  We make
>sure the kids are apart of the process - hands on.  Not just listening,
>but writing songs, playing various instruments and much more...
>This year Rosie Keller, the SBBS Blues for Youth coordinator, has got us
>set up for several 6 wk classes for 3rd, 4th and 5th graders.  We'll be
>going thru a bit of the history of the Blues, learning blues basics like
>12 bar, call and response, making some primitive instruments used with
>the Blues, song writing and the kids will perform their own Blues songs
>by doing assemblies for their schools and parents.  We like to go
>through the whole process of learning and applying.
>I would like your help.  I want to have more Blues role models of Latin
>decent to use as examples.   If you have names and youtubes or websites
>to refer me to I would really appreciate it.
>We've been presenting Blues for Kids interactive workshops for around 15
>years.  California, Texas, Oregon, Washington, Arkansas, even Thailand
>and Korea.  To learn more about Blues for Kids click on
><> and go to BFK.
>Valerie Johnson
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