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How  refreshing , I love the idea that rises how headers  of?  saying that the Blues are dying??? Wear getting  messages that  we all should make an effort too back this idea effort to spread and  

Valerie Johnson <bluesyall@WILDBLUE.NET> wrote:

>Happy New Year!!!!!
>Al B Blue and I will start presenting our Blues for Kids classes and
>workshops in some of the Santa Barbara Elementary Schools in a couple of
>weeks.   This has all been made possible by sponsorship from the Santa
>Barbara Blues Society (SBBS)/Blues for Youth Program.   They really are
>working hard to "Keepin the Blues Alive".  Thank you Santa Barbara Blues
>Society <>.
>Last year, being sponsored by SBBS, we were able to do interactive
>workshops with several High School classes and interactive assemblies
>for 8th grade classes at two Junior Highs.  Introducing and spreading
>the Blues is such an exciting and wonderful experience for all.  We make
>sure the kids are apart of the process - hands on.  Not just listening,
>but writing songs, playing various instruments and much more...
>This year Rosie Keller, the SBBS Blues for Youth coordinator, has got us
>set up for several 6 wk classes for 3rd, 4th and 5th graders.  We'll be
>going thru a bit of the history of the Blues, learning blues basics like
>12 bar, call and response, making some primitive instruments used with
>the Blues, song writing and the kids will perform their own Blues songs
>by doing assemblies for their schools and parents.  We like to go
>through the whole process of learning and applying.
>I would like your help.  I want to have more Blues role models of Latin
>decent to use as examples.   If you have names and youtubes or websites
>to refer me to I would really appreciate it.
>We've been presenting Blues for Kids interactive workshops for around 15
>years.  California, Texas, Oregon, Washington, Arkansas, even Thailand
>and Korea.  To learn more about Blues for Kids click on
><> and go to BFK.
>Valerie Johnson
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