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Wed Feb 22 23:29:46 EST 2012

Of 100 families,more than 1/2 passed by brain and spinal cancers in folks eating these affected large and tasty fish.
     Normally there is larger watersheds that diluted metals but small pops.and remoteness were different from other states..N.F.S.attempts warning of fish,concentrations,safe #'s of affected fish and safe ammnts.for childbearing age females, categories, handbooks of limits,seasons, &other known facts come w/ f.liscences and rules, are included w/res etcetera,as in most state pamphlets yearly.I will be happy to inform anyone who wants imfo,as the list is not place for much nbc.Folk who love Blues,Bluegrass/ folk seem also to love wild places and I know of no way to include particulars in short tales, but I feel obligated to inform yall since I tched on tbis with my memory of a magical time to give others who I wished to thank for just being themselves in most cases I feel y'all are all special individuals and if explained wpuld have hard time with wrds to discribe what I mean.Will write something seperate so as to reach all Blues-l folk and get it to ya under NBC IMP.THO under subject in next cuple days.
    Thanks for ur patience, would not feel right just droppin er whar she lie now.
       Indubitably urs,
                               Yup,Thumper,treefeller aaaand Mark S. God blessed y'all.

Yup say...Ya dont need to own no shoes to dance da Blues.

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