Obamas Celebrate Blues Music

Sonlewis1@AOL.COM Sonlewis1@AOL.COM
Tue Feb 14 15:49:18 EST 2012

And I am guessing that Stan's suggested line up would have saved the tax
payers over $150,000 over what the current headliners are getting... eh, you
KNOW they are not playing for free, right....?

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I know  it is a free country, the people playing there have every right to
be  playing there, BB and Buddy have for sure earned it, but can you imagine
if  they had chosen the following lineup instead.

Super  Chikan
Watermelon Slim
Blind Mississippi Morris
Big George Brock
T  Model Ford
Robert Balfour
Jimmy Holmes
Reba Russel
Bobby  Rush

The publicity Clarksdale and the delta would have gotten, they  nice needed
paychecks all of the above would have gotten.The quality of the  music that
would have been heard.  Would have been a nice change from  the normal big
blues names you hear, would have created a lot of discussion  about the
delta and lesser know blues  artists.


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