Stan Erhart stan@ERHART.NET
Wed Feb 8 22:03:38 EST 2012

I've never been big on contests, but this year I was more involved as a board member of The Golden Gate Blues Society. Most of my role was behind the scenes - such as putting announcements and paypal stores on the website to help promote the contests. And showing up to contests when I wasn't gigging myself.

I have to say that it was overall a very positive experience. There's disappointment when bands don't win, but it also brings everyone together for a common cause. I think it's one of the most visible things a blues society can do. Of course the quality of playing and singing and blues content is all over the board, but it gets people out there trying to improve their craft, or showcasing what they already have. 

Our society has felt very good about the entrants we've sent for the last two years. I'm not sure if I'll change my mind and enter a challenge one of these days, but I do believe it's a good thing for the blues in whatever form it ends up taking - and a lot of fun. In some cases it's even launched careers.

Basically I'm just saying I support the IBC, and I appreciate the big efforts so many people put into it. 

Stan Erhart 

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