28th IBC Results

Ricky Stevens deltabluz@HOTMAIL.COM
Wed Feb 8 14:46:53 EST 2012

> Date: Wed, 8 Feb 2012 13:19:13 -0600
> From: sbillingssbillings@GMAIL.COM
> Subject: Re: 28th IBC Results

> One is blues once was so reliant on strong vocals.  I love the strong
> vocals,son house, skip james, howling wolf, muddy.  Good vocals are one of
> the main things lacking in much of the blues today.   The people now that I
> like, tab benoit, delbet mclinton, john mooney, all have a unique voice. I
> also like many of the women  playing today, since i guess they do not loose
> by comparison.

This is the reason the IBC scoring was changed to consider vocal talent separately from instrumental talent.  The current categories for judging are blues content, vocal talent, instrumental talent, originality, and stage presence. 

Ricky Stevens
Arkabutla, Mississippi
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