28th IBC Results

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I once posed this question to the late Paul deLay back in 2001 and I felt his response was perfect and could apply here.   The style of music that you play has often been questioned by the so-called "Blues Purists." How do you vision yourself?Paul deLay:   Well, I could see where people with less imagination could feel threatened. I think that as far as "Blues Purists" go, they fail to realize that if you’re going to play real Blues you need to do it out of your own experience. And hopefully in your own way, with your own style. I’ve actually had people complain about my albums because they think I should be doing Muddy Waters, which of course I’ve always done and enjoy doing. But if you’re playing Blues, are you supposed to be doing what you’re feeling or what somebody else did thirty, forty years ago? Let’s get real here. I can appreciate both the arranged and the traditional guys like those in Chicago. I thoroughly enjoy doing things with both of them and would like to continue to record both traditional and more inventive material. They both have their problems. It’s fun to just put down exactly what you’re playing at the moment, but it’s also a great deal of fun if you really care about a special kind of writing to arrange a song. It’s another perfectly legitimate way of presenting a piece of music.
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> As we move into a generation that never saw the original blues artists, the
> ability to recognize "that thing" when you hear it get's progressively
> thinner.  But, for example,  I think if you go to a Paul Oscher show you'll
> know you are seeing something deeper than much of the other stuff out there.
> Gary Clark Jr. is a young guy who displays some of that deeper sound even
> though he's taken it somewhere else.  I really like Missy Andersen and Danny
> Brooks because they have that deep feeling.  You hear it in the voice.
> Unfortunately many people judge blues by the instrumental flash of the
> player.  But what grabs me and grabbed me about the blues was the vocal
> quality and phrasing of the singer and the instruments.  It doesn't have to
> be I , IV, V, but if the voices and instruments don't talk to each other,
> but instead shout at me, I'm not moved. Because to me, that's not the blues.
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