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Jonny Meister bluesandbeyond@GMAIL.COM
Wed Feb 8 08:03:51 EST 2012

I don't think "traditionalist snob" or "blues nazi" or "folk nazi"
are terms that fairly describe the whole group of people who feel, as
Bonni does, that something's gone awry here. Some people are totally
opposed to any change or closed off to any new ideas in a musical
genre, but you don't have to be that way at all to feel,
nevertheless, that there is something missing in a lot of the blues
coming out now, and that some magical quality that made you love
blues in the first place isn't there in a lot of what is now being
promoted and talked about as blues music. I think Brandon O. Bailey
is pretty innovative and modern, yet is also really "blues" in a true
sense; but so many of these bands we're hearing now are really more
blues-flavored rock, good at what they do, but it's not really solid
blues - - a call I think one can legitimately make without
necessarily being a "purist," "snob," or whatever.

The marketplace, the economics of it, what sells and what doesn't,
has always been very important; it certainly was for Sam Phillips and
is for labels and major blues organizations today too.  It is a
struggle for them to survive. It definitely saddens me... that's why
festivals are so important (at least some of them!). They present
blues artists who can't get booked at clubs because they are unknown.
The festivals thrive because they are events in and of themselves,
that appeal just for being fun events - - though they also bring in
some of these artists. At a blues festival you will encounter folks
who know a lot about the music and some of the performers, but even
more folks who know very little but just want to come out for the
fun, and may buy some albums too.

As always, the true blues seems to survive on the periphery by the
skin of its teeth.

At 06:49 AM 2/8/2012, Chuck Winans wrote:
>There are "traditionalist snobs" attached to every style of music...

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