28th IBC Results

Jonny Meister bluesandbeyond@GMAIL.COM
Mon Feb 6 21:36:31 EST 2012

Well... the range of opinions and even their sources are somewhat
predictable here, and I can understand all of the points of view,
though I do sense that many of these bands aren't playing what I feel
is blues, or, although they're good bands, don't really ring true as
blues musicians. I think all genres of music born in the 20th century
now have a good number of founding players dead and lots of good
bands doing more of the same out there, though it is especially true
of blues, which is a little older than many of the others and seems
to have such an elusive essence (that few bands seem to possess these days).

Would old blues guys like Albert Collins have recorded something that
wasn't blues in order to make big bucks? Probably, though in
Collins's case, he never really did & possibly could have. I can't
fault anyone for doing that, but as a "bluesomusical," someone whose
musical orientation is blues, the pop stuff doesn't excite me as
much, and I don't like it when "blues" artists are playing something
that sounds like "a dash of blues" in a plain old pop or rock song.

It was good for Ike and Tina to have the windfall from "Proud Mary"
and they did well with it, but I was listening to them recently doing
"I Smell Trouble" from the Soul To Soul event in Ghana, and the
searing intensity of that, the seismic soul-shaking power, totally
dwarfs "Proud Mary" which I think of as a wedding party standard. I
don't want to hear it at a blues festival...

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