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Interesting thought.  Along a similar vein, I wonder if, had performers like 
Jimmy Rogers, Junior Wells, Luther Allison, Magic Sam, Freddy King, Albert 
Collins or any other great blues performer, had the opportunity to make a huge 
amount of money by recording/releasing a song that made the top-10 on the pop 
charts (crossing over from R&B charts) whether they would care that much it 
sounded like "blues" as we may define it now. 

Someone sat Ike Turner down back Around 1969 and explained to him why he and Tina should cut a song named "Proud Mary."

You can be certain he had never heard of Creedance Clearwater Revival.

But somebody had confidence that she could use that as a major crossover move.

The amazing thing was not that it was a hit but that anyone could get Ike to listen to the idea in the first place.



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