The Blues PAY! Highway 61 (Sunnyland Slim, 1956) Piano Blues Legend

chuck 249 hhs249@GMAIL.COM
Mon Feb 6 07:47:10 EST 2012

My wife called me last week to ask if I wanted to split a square on a
football board, and I said ok. The master board, before the numbers
were drawn, each had been numbered 1-100, so she asked me which one
should she pick, square 61 or square 48. Kids game, I said we gotta go
with Hwy 61. Turns out that after the drawing, we got Giants 1,
Patriots 7. Yep, the Giants running back, who accidentally fell into
the end zone untouched, when he was told to stop at the 1 yard line
(so they could run the clock out and then kick a field goal in the
last seconds) put it on our number. I had told the contessa that they
would likely try for 2 points, so in case the Pats scored in the last
minute, they would have a chance to block the extra point and end the
game in a tie, sending it to overtime. The Giants missed the 2 point
attempt, so with about a minute left, it was still on our 1 and 7. The
final playoff the game was a hail Mary to the end zone, that was
deflected, less that a foot away from the outstretched arms of a
diving Pats receiver.

Our take....well, let's just say my wife was so nervous she couldn't
watch the last minute, and retreated to the bedroom and put a pillow
over her head so she couldn't hear the game. Then, after we hit, she
could not stop screaming and jumping up and down. It wasn't the
lottery, but it wasn't bad.

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