Revolution - 2012 Mazda Super Bowl Commercial

chuck 249 hhs249@GMAIL.COM
Sun Feb 5 21:19:32 EST 2012

Check out this Super Bowl commercial, featuring the late, great Bo
Diddley version of I'm A Roadrunner Baby.

Best music bed of any of the far.

I have been tempted to buy myself a Mazda 3 with Skyactiv technology.
40mpg on the hwy. The only thing stopping me is that it is first year
technology.  Going for a Prius instead...driving an average of  90,000
miles a year--if gas is $3.50 a gallon--I will save myself $703 a
month over my 21mpg average mpg that I get in my Tacoma (which now has
415,000 miles and is still purring). Nothing like paying for a new car
with Shell Oil money instead of my own.

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