RIP: Bill Morrissey in July ? ?

Richard Skelly RJSkelly@VERIZON.NET
Sun Sep 18 10:29:02 EDT 2011

RIP - Bill Morrissey

        Anyone have any information on mysterious passing [for me] of
Boston-area folk-blues singer songwriter Bill Morrissey?   He wrote great,
creative original blues songs, tackling new themes, and performed a lot of
blues at his live shows, but by and large was known as a folk
singer....perhaps one of Mr. Waterman's old friends from Boston could
enlighten us?   I heard last week that he passed in July and he was young,
perhaps mid-50's, and alcohol might have been involved.....
      I thought he was a great talent, so needless, am very bummed out.

Richard Skelly
Host, Low-Budget Blues Program
Thursday 8-10 p.m., WRSU-FM
New Brunswick, NJ

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