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Charles’ backups hit the road, jack ... The Sun Sets on Keith Moon ... No
More Free Samples ...

This is the week that was in matters musical 

1955, Elvis buys his mama a pink Cadillac 

1956, in the wake of Johnny Ray's success with "Just Walking in the Rain,"
Sun Records releases a cover by The Prisonaires, a smooth-singing doo-wop
group composed of Tennessee State Penitentiary inmates 
 Elvis begins
recording his second album in Los Angeles 
 it is to include covers of
Little Richard hits "Rip It Up," "Long Tall Sally," and "Ready Teddy" 

Elvis even plays piano on some of the tracks 

1962, The Beatles hit Abbey Road recording studio for the first time,
recording "Love Me Do" in about 16 takes with drummer Andy White 

1968, because of fears of street violence during the National Democratic
Convention, The Rolling Stones' "Street Fighting Man" is banned from airplay
in Chicago 
 Ray Charles' backup singers quit en masse over a wage dispute
and band rules they consider unfair 

1978, Who drummer Keith Moon succumbs to an overdose of the drug Heminevrin
prescribed to combat his alcoholism 
 an autopsy reveals that he'd washed
down 32 of the pills with champagne 
 his death occurs in the same apartment
in which Mama Cass of The Mamas & The Papas met her demise in 1974 
 at a
Teddy Pendergrass show in New York called "For Women Only," female
concertgoers receive white chocolate lollipops in the shape of a teddy bear

1990, Tom Fogerty, an original member of Creedence Clearwater Revival and
brother of John, dies of tuberculosis this week at age 48 
 he had parted
from the band at the height of its success in 1971, a casualty of sibling
 and although he recorded a number of albums on his own, he never
scored a hit after his CCR days 
 across the pond, The Cure launches a
pirate radio station beamed at London to publicize the release of the remix
album Mixed Up 
 but the station will soon go off the air beset by technical
difficulties and use of the powerful BBC signal to cover up its broadcasts 

1991, country music star Dottie West dies from internal injuries suffered in
a car accident in the parking lot of The Grand Ole Opry 
 the crash occurred
a few days earlier when an elderly neighbor, who was giving West a ride to
work, lost control of the car 

1997, Pat Smear announces he will no longer be a Foo Fighter and that Franz
Stahl will take his place 

1999, Mötley Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx is arrested at a show in Raleigh, N.C.,
charged with felony rioting and three counts of misdemeanor inciting to
riot, assault, and disorderly conduct 
 the charges stem from bad behavior
at a Greensboro concert in 1997 
 Sixx allegedly assaulted a security guard
and encouraged a melee among fans 

2000, Rage Against the Machine bassist Timothy Commerford pleads guilty to
charges of assault and disorderly conduct at the MTV Video Music Awards 

while raging against Limp Bizkit's acceptance of the award for Best Rock
Video–which was coincidentally up against Rage's video for "Sleep Now In The
Fire"–Commerford climbed a 15-foot arch that was part of the stage set 

stagehands and security swarmed the stage to extricate Tim, who would "sleep
now in the slammer" 
 The Doobie Brothers offer 15 new tracks for free
download to launch the promotion of their latest album, Sibling Rivalry 

2004, the 6th Circuit Court in Cincinnati rules that artists should pay for
every sample they use 
 previously courts had held that as long as short
samples could not be identified, licensing was unnecessary 
 in this new
decision, the court, acknowledging other cases involving digital piracy
says, "If you cannot pirate the whole sound recording, can you 'lift' or
'sample' something less than the whole? Our answer to that question is in
the negative." 
 ironically, a two-second sample of a Funkadelic record in
NWA's "100 Miles and Runnin" is at the heart of the ruling 
 Funkadelic and
Parliament leader and founder George Clinton had historically been
supportive of sampling, having produced two albums titled Sample Some of Dis
and Sample Some of Dat that permit remixers to use his music without legal

2006, in a Rolling Stone interview, Elton John reveals that he's thinking
about putting out a hip-hop album 
 "I want to work with Eminem, Pharrell,
Kanye, and Snoop. We'll see what happens. It could be a disaster." 
Master P debuts his new musical Uncle Willy's Family, in Meridian,
 the show is semiautobiographical, focusing on a family that
has to abandon its home in the face of Hurricane Katrina 
 to no one's
particular surprise, it's revealed that Whitney Houston has separated from
her husband of 14 years, Bobby Brown 
 the marriage was punctuated by drugs
and domestic disturbances 
 on a more positive note, Lou Reed joins Jack
White and his Raconteurs at the VMA Awards show in New York, pitching in on
the vocals of "White Light/White Heat" 

2007, with just 7.4 million in album sales this week, Nielsen SoundScan
reports the lowest numbers in the chart service's history 
 only the High
School Musical 2 soundtrack manages to move more than 50,000 units 
eight years earlier 27 albums moved that many 
 Lucinda Williams kicks off a
novel tour in which she will play five nights each in New York and L.A. 

each show will be devoted to one of her five studio albums in its entirety:
her 1988 self-titled disc, Sweet Old World, Car Wheels on a Gravel Road,
Essence, and World Without Tears 

2008, Oasis is mid-way through its headline set at the V Festival when a man
runs from backstage and knocks Noel Gallagher to the ground 
guards wrestle the attacker to the floor and drag him away with brother Liam
in pursuit 
 after a 15-minute break, the band resumes its set to cheers
from a 25,000-strong audience 

2009, the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, is entombed at Forest Lawn Memorial
Park in Glendale, California, more than 2 months after his controversial


 and that was the week that was.
[Compiled by the Musician's Friend copywriting staff]


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